What is TxDLA?

TxDLA is the leading Texas membership association for digital learning and education technology professionals. Our members represent public and private education institutions at all levels, corporate training professionals and education tech, learning management software and content providers. All of our members have a strong interest in keeping abreast of the ideas, technologies, and content that will help them develop and maintain leading-edge digital learning programs and products.

TxDLA: Texas Digital Learning Association

Bridging Boundaries in Education Technology: The TxDLA Story

TxDLA held its first annual meeting on January 30, 1996 under the leadership of the late Founding President Don Foshee. He observed the need for "an accessible clearinghouse of useful information to be shared by all distance learning practitioners in a non-biased, timely way that transcends fragmented special interests."

Subsequently, leaders in Texas education, government, corporations, and technology established the nonprofit Texas Digital Learning Association (TxDLA) in 1996. At that time, it was formed as a state chapter of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). As a result, TxDLA became the first Texas organization bridging diverse education technology professionals interested in distance and digital learning.

TxDLA represents an association of "digital learning professionals" to invite broad participation in networking and exchange demanded by our mission. With this in mind, we use "digital learning" to encompass all persons and tools employed in effective digital learning today. Digital learning takes place whenever a learner uses digital resources.

Our inclusive definition of digital learning addresses issues of interest to the whole community. This community includes learners, administrators, educators, instructional designers, trainers, content creators, providers, and more involved in typical digital learning.

Since its establishment, TxDLA has grown under the guidance of dedicated leadership and hard working members. Specifically, the group facilitates sharing information, services, expertise, research, and peer networking among constituents.

Our Past Presidents