Recognizing Outstanding Achievements

TxDLA provides recognition of outstanding achievements in statewide distance learning through an annual awards program. The Awards Committee is charged with reviewing the award categories and criteria to ensure they are appropriate and with overseeing the nomination and selection process as approved by the Board of Directors.

Committee Members:

  • Chair: Jim Taliaferro (K-12, West Texas)
  • Barlow, Lucia (2 Year Higher Ed, Alamo Area)
  • Bentley Castillo, Lea (K-12, Central Texas)
  • Campbell, Scott (4 Year Higher Ed, East Texas)
  • Cross, Christina (2 Year Higher Ed, Gulf Coast Area)
  • Cunningham, Elaina (Nonprofit/Museum, West Texas)
  • Farias, Cynthia (4 Year Higher Ed, Coastal Bend)
  • Johannsen, Laura (Government Agency Central Texas)
  • Jones, Bob (2 Year Higher Ed, Far West Texas)
  • Leggett, Michelle (K-12, Gulf Coast Area)
  • Morales, John (Government Agency, Alamo Area)
  • Reardon, Texas (K-12, East Texas)
  • Tomsio, Lisa (Non-Voting, TxDLA Executive Manager)