The late Don Foshee, a founding member and first President of TxDLA, helped pave the way for the birth of what began with about a dozen people gathering to talk about distance learning in 1995, to the largest statewide chapter of distance learning professionals in the United States. During Don's life, he was recognized as a pioneer for over twenty years while he designed, built, and managed some of the largest and most successful distance learning, training, and telemedicine networks in the United States. Past positions Don held included the titles of: President and CEO of Innovative Interactions, Inc., Director of Strategic Programs for VTEL Corp., Director of ED-NET, Director of STAR Schools and Vice President of the TI-IN Network.

Upon experiencing a life-threatening illness, which eventually took his life, Don also focused on the delivery of distance learning to accommodate those who are homebound due to critical illness and/or physical disabilities along with the learning-impaired population. His love of music and songwriting talents drove him to be thoughtful and innovative in the field of distance learning, for example, he launched a Native American Network for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Don will always be remembered as a talented, fun-loving pioneer in the field of distance learning.