Planning Our Annual Conference

It is anticipated that an annual conference will be held each year to provide members an opportunity to network, share experiences and knowledge, and view new vendor products and services. This annual conference also serves as the primary membership drive for the year and generates revenue for the association's operating budget. Conference planning is the responsibility of the Conference Committee, chaired by the President-Elect or other designee appointed by the Board of Directors. The Conference Committee Chair is responsible directly to the Board.

Committee Members:

  • Jan Brott, Conference Chair
  • Rhonda Blackburn, Conference Co-Chair
  • Robert Bishop, Program Co-Chair
  • Richard Leslie, Program Co-Chair
  • Texas Reardon, Marketing Co-Chair
  • Gerry Pedraza, Marketing Co-Chair
  • Austin Bates, Exhibits Co-Chair
  • Adam Rum, Exhibits Co-Chair
  • Stephanie Holmes, Technology Co-Chair
  • Luke Stollings, Technology Co-Chair
  • Gay Howard, Activities Co-Chair
  • Bret Wells, Activities Co-Chair