Proposed Changes to Digital & Distance Education Rules

Proposed changes to federal rules around digital and distance education are currently being discussed, according to an update from TxDLA's Public Policy Committee:

The Department of Education is revisiting rulemaking around distance education. Some of the key issues being discussed that could specifically impact distance and digital education are:

  • Create a "Virtual Location" designation for distance education programs
  • Clock Hour (distance education asynchronous programs)
  • Distance Education Withdrawals (taking attendance)
  • Modules (eliminate withdrawal exemption for programs offered in modules)

The Department of Education recently outlined some other possible regulatory changes when it comes to accreditation requirements and distance education standards.

At first glance, it seems the groundwork the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has already laid out around state-level distance education rules may align with some of these proposed federal changes.

TxDLA's Public Policy Committee will continue to monitor these developments and provide updates on how these proposed rule changes could impact digital learning in Texas.