TxDLA Offers Spring Accessibility Certification Program

Accessibility (access by people with disabilities) to digital materials is one of the major technology issues of our time. The growth of online learning, and the increased use of digital materials in blended and flipped classrooms has created more accessibility issues. The enforcement by the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights and the US Department of Justice of accessibility issues has changed the way academic institutions should be ensuring that all students have full access to learning. Understanding compliance findings, Universal Design for Learning, while gaining practical skills in making digital content accessible puts you on the leading edge of this important issue.

TxDLA is pleased, once again, to offer TWO classes for its Accessibility Certification Program, March 25 – April 30 featuring:

  • 31 hours of online and/or in-person classwork (see options below).
  • Facilitated by a Certified Accessibility Expert, with contributions from several TxDLA specialists in  accessibility.
  • Capstone project with both peer and instructor review.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Definition of disabilities
  • The current compliance issues identified by the  Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and US Department of Justice; WCAG 2 level standards; compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act; Title II of the Amercians with Disabilities Act, and current and future regulations of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • Understanding of common issues and current legal developments in the Disability Rights Movement
  • Hands-on experience with online tools, software, and assistive technology to understand the definition and application of reasonable accommodations
  • Application of Universal Design for Learning and inclusive environments
  • Creation of a Capstone project demonstrating knowledge of laws, current issues in online accessibility, practical knowledge of accommodations and assistive technology

Two attendance (and pricing) options:

  • Certification AND 2017 TxDLA Full Conference Registration Package, $975: 
    Includes 25 hours of online classwork and 6 hours of in-person sessions (including pre-conference workshop required attendance on March 28 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.), capstone project grading, certification and full conference registration (March 28-31) including all sessions, and meals including Tuesday evening reception, Wednesday breakfast and lunch, Thursday lunch and dinner, and Friday brunch. Full registration fee also includes a complimentary individual TxDLA Membership beginning April 1, 2017 and an Associate Membership in USDLA.
  • Certification Only (all online), $600: 
    Includes 28 hours of online classwork plus 3 hour virtual attendance at Accessibility pre-conference workshop on March 28 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., capstone project grading and certification.

“More and more academic institutions are realizing the need to address accessibility,” states Raymond Rose, TxDLA’s Public Policy Committee Chair and President of Rose & Smith Associates. Rose, an advocate for accessibility for blended and online learning, author and frequent presenter on the issue is one of several committee members and expert presenters for the Certification Program.

“As enforcement and lawsuits increase, institutions have become aware of the need to improve accessibility in online education,” Rose emphasizes.

The Spring Certification will be limited to 40 participants, and participants will be divided into two separate classes. 

Disclaimer: Electronic Accessibility is an ever-changing craft, combining both art and science. The TxDLA Accessibility Certification indicates successful completion of a rigorous 5-week online accessibility training program as of the certification date. However, TxDLA does not guarantee the quality of any products produced by the certified individual, and cannot be responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of information that is received from this certification training.

REGISTER NOW for the $975 Accessibility Certification Combined with Conference Registration (choose if you are a member or non-member first, then select the Accessibility Certification item from the list)

REGISTER NOW for the $600 Accessibility Certification Only

Hurry! Seats fill up quickly!

For those who cannot commit the time or funds for the full Accessibility Certification, please consider attending our 2017 Annual Conference, March 28-31 in Galveston. Full and one day registration packages, as well as a preconference workshop (separate fee) are available. 18 hours of sessions on accessibility include:

  • Preconference workshop (3 hours, $75): Exploits in Accessibility: What, Who and How! (this is the 3 hour portion of the Certification program and is open to anyone)
  • Exploring the Latest Online Accessibility Suits and Compliance Findings
  • Accessible Multimedia: A Challenge Worth Accepting (hands-on)
  • The Expressway to Engaged Students Using UDL
  • Going Up and Adding On: 10 Tips for Accessibility
  • Exploring UDL Principles for the Benefit of All Students
  • Facilitating Online Course Inclusion of Students with Special Needs
  • Adventures of a New University: Pioneering Accessibility in Online Learning
  • Accessibility Doesn’t Have to be Boring: a 5-Step Process
  • Real-Life Accessibility Hints and Headaches with SoftChalk and SoftChalk Cloud