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Empower Every Learner's Success:
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As an educator, you believe all students deserve equitable access to learning. But ensuring digital accessibility for online courses can be a daunting challenge. What if there was a way to confidently design online courses that open doors, instead of closing them?

Unlock the power of inclusive course design with our Digital Accessibility Certificate Program – your pathway to becoming an accessibility champion. Through expert-led training, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements, court rulings, Universal Design for Learning principles, and proven techniques for creating truly accessible digital materials.

Whether you're an instructional designer, instructor, admin, ADA coordinator or researcher, you'll emerge an accessibility champion - empowered to design online learning experiences that enable the full potential of every learner.

Enroll today and open doors for every learner's success.

Digital Accessibility Certificate

In our Digital Accessibility Certificate Program, you'll gain the knowledge and hands-on skills to become an accessibility champion. This comprehensive training isn't just about checking boxes - it's about empowering every learner to succeed.

Program Benefits:

  • Develop expertise in legal requirements, court rulings, and industry standards for confidence in inclusive design
  • Actionable strategies for accessibility policies, procuring resources, and resolving complaints
  • Experience with assistive technologies for tailored accommodations
  • Mastery of Universal Design for Learning principles that celebrate neurodiversity
  • Collaborate with peers and certified experts in an accessibility advocacy community
  • Earn CPE credits, a digital certificate of completion, and free one-year membership for professional growth

Program Format:

  • All online, facilitated by certified accessibility specialists
  • 5 weeks of asynchronous, self-paced learning with online discussions
  • Capstone project with peer and instructor feedback
  • Interactive small group assignment in first 10 days

By investing in this program, you'll emerge with the invaluable ability to design online courses that tear down barriers and unlock success for every learner.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Fall: October 7-November 11

Invest in yourself and help create a future where education leaves no one behind. Enroll today!

Disclaimer: Electronic Accessibility is an ever-changing craft, combining both art and science. The TxDLA Digital Accessibility Certificate indicates successful completion of a rigorous 5-week online accessibility training program as of the certification date. However, TxDLA does not guarantee the quality of any products produced by the certified individual, and cannot be responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of information that is received from this training.

Fall 2024: $600

Limited Scholarships Available

If you are unable to register online, please contact Lisa Tomsio via email at lisa@txdla.org to register over the phone.

"Walk away with action steps.."

"There was a lot to learn and a lot to take away. I was able to walk away with action steps and resources to share with my department."

Anonymous Course Participant

"I'm such a fan..."

"I’m such a fan of this program! I learned more about accessibility in this course than in any of my doctoral work with my minor in instructional systems & technology. "

Lorna Harrison, Academic Engagement, Regulatory Affairs
Western Governor's University

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