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Making Digital Content Accessible for Learners

Accessibility by individuals with disabilities to digital materials is one of the major technology issues of our time. Specifically, the growth of online learning and the increased use of digital materials in blended and flipped classrooms in K-12 and higher education has created more accessibility issues. Texas regulations make it clear that academic institutions need to attend to accessibility issues.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights and the U.S. Department of Justice enforcement of accessibility issues has explicitly outlined actions academic institutions should engage in to ensure all students have full access to learning.

In light of this, TxDLA offers a Digital Accessibility Certificate Program three to four times a year which positions course instructors, instructional designers, administrators, ADA coordinators and researchers to be leaders on the issue by providing understanding of the current state of accessibility for disabilities. It covers the latest legal enforcement actions including resolutions, court cases, and consent decrees. Additionally, it provides skills in Universal Design for Learning and making digital content accessible.

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Upcoming Program Dates

2024 Digital Accessibility Certificate Dates:

Spring: March 25-May 6

Summer I: June 3-July 8

Summer 2: July 15-August 19 (K-12 education only)

Fall: October 7 - November 11

**All Online Program - asynchronous with online discussions

Digital Accessibility Certificate Program Includes:

  • Facilitated by a Certified Accessibility Specialist, with contributions from several TxDLA specialists in accessibility.
  • Capstone project with both peer and instructor review.
  • Participants assigned to a small group for one interactive assignment during the first 10 days. Discussions must be revisited for replies and interactions during the 5 week course. Remainder of course is self-paced, asynchronous.
  • Free One-Year TxDLA Membership ($50 value)
  • **NEW! 31 hours of CPE credits for K-12 participants through Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Topics Include:

  • Definition of disabilities
  • The current compliance issues identified by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and US Department of Justice; WCAG 2 level standards; compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act; and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Understanding of common issues and current legal developments in the Disability Rights Movement
  • NEW! Administrative Topics:  Exploring administrative issues including establishing institutional accessibility statement and policy,  processes to procure accessible resources, reducing complaints, responding to OCR complaints and investigations and establishing corrective action plans
  • Hands-on experience with online tools, software, and assistive technology to understand the definition and application of reasonable accommodations
  • Application of Universal Design for Learning and inclusive environments
  • Creation of a Capstone project demonstrating knowledge of laws, current issues in online accessibility, practical knowledge of accommodations and assistive technology

Disclaimer: Electronic Accessibility is an ever-changing craft, combining both art and science. The TxDLA Digital Accessibility Certificate indicates successful completion of a rigorous 5-week online accessibility training program as of the certification date. However, TxDLA does not guarantee the quality of any products produced by the certified individual, and cannot be responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of information that is received from this training.

Spring 2024 Program - $600 Course Fee (All Online)

Summer 1 2024 Program - $600 Course Fee (All Online)

Summer 2 2024 Program (K12 education) - $600 Course Fee (All Online)

Fall 2024 Program - $600 Course Fee (All Online)

Limited Scholarships Available

If you are unable to register online, please contact Lisa Tomsio via email at lisa@txdla.org to register over the phone.

Raymond Rose

TxDLA Public Policy Chair and President, Rose & Smith Associates, Expert Presenter for the Certificate Program

More and more academic institutions are realizing the need to address accessibility. As enforcement actions, complaints, and lawsuits increase, institutions are becoming more aware of the need to improve accessibility for people with disabilities in online education.

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