Identify and Connect with End-Users of Products and Services

Partnerships further TxDLA's success in providing peer networking, information, and coordinated communication channels across the broad spectrum of its membership. In large part, achieving this goal depends on successful public/private partnerships. Public sector members benefit through an enhanced ability to make well-informed decisions when planning, purchasing, and implementing digital learning products and services. Private sector members benefit through an improved ability to identify the needs and characteristics of end-users of those same products and services. Both sectors benefit from TxDLA's basic philosophy of trust, commitment, and mutual collaboration.

Year-Round Partnership Highlights

TxDLA has created the following Partner opportunities for companies, organizations and schools to leverage their visibility and connect on a deeper level with our individual members. By becoming a Partner, your brand will be presented to our membership throughout the year!

  • Year-round brand exposure;
  • A platform to showcase your products, services, and publications in front of the digital learning community in Texas and beyond;
  • Networking with digital learning leaders;
  • Exposure to a targeted audience;
  • Enhanced corporate image by showing your support and commitment to the digital learning industry;
  • Prominent recognition at the Annual Conference;
  • Help meeting your marketing objectives;
  • And, much more!

As the largest state non-profit membership association in the U.S dedicated to the promotion, development and application of digital learning for education and training -- TxDLA is in a unique position to generate awareness to a niche group of individuals within the digital learning community in Texas and surrounding states. Sponsorships with TxDLA provide a cost-effective way to create brand preference, build relationships, and develop planning opportunities with an elite group of influencers in the industry.


TxDLA holds 650 Individual Members and 1500 Prospective Mailing List Accounts

  • 62% Higher Education
  • 17% Corporate Representatives
  • 10% Government and Military Trainers and Consultants
  • 7% K-12 Education Service Center Coordinators and Campus Technology Directors

62% of TxDLA members decide or recommend purchasing.

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What Others Say:

"... it provides access to the right customers from all over the state all in one place, at one time, with some very strategic opportunities to socialize, build relationships and show our latest and greatest solutions.  It would take all year to travel to each of the member's locations, let alone get all of the key customers to come to your booth or attend a vendor session. Above and beyond that, TxDLA lends credibility to what my company represents each and every day to all of my customers around the world. You can always count on a great location, big attendance numbers and a very organized, well put together conference."

"Being leaders in the Texas digital learning community, our team recognizes the importance of being involved with the premier distance learning association in the state.  Having one organization that serves a multitude of digital learning constituents provides us with a way to interact with other digital learning leaders as well as give back to the community in a meaningful manner. Partnering with TxDLA provides access to leaders in the field of digital learning and the ability to act directly with many decision makers."

"Given the size and the audience for the event, TxDLA's exhibit hall always gives us a chance to connect with DE academic leaders and technology experts who directly implement our product's success on campuses. We always find time to update one another, collaborate, and in the true spirit of TxDLA -  interact while having FUN - something that sets this apart from all other conferences."