2024 TxDLA Conference: Story: Game On! New players. New rules. New strategies in Digital Learning.
March 25-28, April 16-17, Moody Gardens, Galveston and Virtual
Chair: Texas Reardon
Attendance: 393

2023 TxDLA Conference: Story: True Tales of Bringing Digital Learning to Life
March 20-23, April 4-5, Moody Gardens, Galveston and Virtual
Chair: Harriet Watkins
Attendance: 352

2022 TxDLA Conference: We Are Family, Always Connected
March 21-23, April 7-8, Moody Gardens, Galveston and Virtual
Chair: Jenell Paul
Attendance: 347

2021 TxDLA Conference: TxDLA is How We Do It
April 20-23, Virtual
Chair: Aleyda Cantu-Lee
Attendance: 300

2020 TxDLA Conference: Through the Looking Glass, A Wonderland of Innovation
September 29-October 2, Virtual
Chair: Charlene Stubblefield
Attendance: 155

2019 TxDLA Conference: Building Community
March 25-28, Moody Gardens, Galveston
Chair: Bret Wells
Attendance: 335

2018 TxDLA Conference: Calling All Agents of Change
March 20-23, Sheraton Dallas, Dallas
Chair: Jan Brott
Attendance: 442

2017 TxDLA Conference: The Spirit of Adventure
March 28-31, Moody Gardens, Galveston
Chair: Amber Muenzenberger
Attendance: 433

2016 TxDLA Conference: Pushing Distance Education to Unimaginable Limits
March 28-31, Grand Hyatt, San Antonio
Chair: Rolando Garza
Attendance: 464

2015 TxDLA Conference: A Concert of Collaboration
April 7-10, Sheraton Dallas, Dallas
Chair: Randy McDonald
Attendance: 391

2014 TxDLA Conference: Casting Into the Future
April 1-4, Corpus Christi Convention Center
Chair: Trish Trifilo
Attendance: 440

2013 TxDLA Conference: A Virtual Paradise: Bridging the Islands of Innovation
March 25-28, Moody Gardens, Galveston
Chair: Michelle Duran
Attendance: 507

2012 TxDLA Conference: Big TECHS in Big D
April 15-18, Sheraton Dallas, Dallas
Chair: Cindy Smith
Attendance: 540

2011 TxDLA Conference: A Confluence of Cultures: A Distance Learning Fiesta
April 20-23, Grand Hyatt, San Antonio
Chair: Oscar Hernandez
Conference Program: DOWNLOAD
Attendance: 600

2010 TxDLA Conference: Distance Learning … Any Time, Any Space
March 21-24, Westin Galleria, Houston
Chair: Brenda Quintanilla
Attendance: 825

2009 TxDLA Conference: No Gas Required
April 6-9, American Bank Convention Center, Corpus Christi
Chair: Bob Barnes Vice-Chair: Brenda Quintanilla
Attendance: 762

2008 TxDLA Conference: Sail into Distance Learning
March 24-27, Moody Gardens, Galveston
Chair: Rhonda Blackburn
Attendance: 786

2007 TxDLA Conference: Discover the Treasures of Distance Learning
March 26-29, Moody Gardens, Galveston
Chair: Laurie Hogle Vice-Chair: Kevin Eason
Attendance: 810

2006 TxDLA Conference: The Future's So Bright!
March 6-8, Crowne Plaza San Antonio Riverwalk, San Antonio
Chair: Ken Conn
Attendance: 776

2005 TxDLA Conference: Don't Fence Me In ... the Distance Frontier!
March 7-9, Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Fort Worth
Chair: Jenny Jopling
Attendance: 579

2004 TxDLA Conference: Surfing the Big Wave!
March 29 - April 1, Moody Gardens, Galveston
Chair: Kevin Eason Vice-Chair: Patrick Pluscht
Attendance: 686

2003 TxDLA Conference: The Renaissance of Distance Education
March 3-6, The Renaissance Hotel, Austin
Chair: Marta Hubbard Vice-Chair: Maria Hernandez
Attendance: 449

2002 TxDLA Conference: On the Right Track to Distance Learning
April 2-4, The Westin Beechwood, Fort Worth
Chair: Marci Powell

2001 TxDLA Conference: 2001: A Learning Odyssey
March 28-31, Adam's Mark Hotel, Houston
Chair: Sandy Frieden
Attendance: 525

2000 TxDLA Conference: Linking for Learning
April 9-12, Omni San Antonio Hotel, San Antonio
Chair: Deborah Harrison
Attendance: 525

1999 TxDLA Conference: Connected Texas - Celebrating Our Progress
April 5-8, Waco Convention Center, Waco
Chair: Mary Lee
Attendance: Approximately 300 (according to Tim Logan, the TxDLA president that year)

1998 ETTCon 98
May 11-13, DFW Airport Hyatt Hotel, Dallas / Ft. Worth
Chair: Tim Logan
Attendance: 159