Our Purpose

Mission Statement: TxDLA is a nonprofit association formed to promote the development and application of all forms of distance learning and to implement effective distance learning strategies for Texans and other distance learning practitioners of the global community.



TxDLA will provide an open forum and adequate representation to all distance learning professionals and organizations.


TxDLA will provide the resources necessary to meet the needs of members at all stages of distance learning development, at any level of activity, and through a variety of methodologies.


TxDLA will identify targets of opportunity that can benefit members and establish effective means of communication that facilitate members' focus on areas of interest.


TxDLA will establish a collaborative atmosphere in which members can come together to help each other and ultimately improve the distance learning community.


TxDLA will serve both the membership and the distance learning community through a variety of programs.


TxDLA will provide leadership in the distance learning community that effectively communicates issues, concerns, and developments for the improvement of distance learning in Texas as well as the international arena.


TxDLA will provide recognition of outstanding achievements in statewide distance learning through an annual awards program.


TxDLA will provide a relaxed atmosphere in which all members can be comfortable and enjoy TxDLA activities.