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TxDLA Bite-Sized Learning: Lunchtime Webinars on Ed Tech Topics

As the leading membership association for digital learning professionals in Texas, TxDLA provides regular, FREE one hour interactive webinars on ed tech topics led by experts. Specifically, these online events are held from 12-1 pm CST on the second Wednesday of each month. They cover timely topics like student engagement, digital accessibility, artificial intelligence for learning, course design, and leadership.

In particular, experts and participants represent public and private schools, government, corporations, and digital learning companies. Keep current on ideas, technologies, and content to develop leading-edge digital learning programs.

Additionally, recordings are posted for free access for two weeks. Become a TxDLA member for unlimited access to ALL past webinars - over 150 videos on digital learning!

August 14
12:00-1:00pm CDT
Engage Them with Icebreakers

Presenters: TBD

This interactive session teaches effective digital and in-person icebreakers to energize and engage attendees. Discover creative ways to break the ice, encourage participation, and foster connections in meetings, social events, and classrooms. Leave with a toolkit of proven techniques to liven up any gathering.

Presenters: Rhonda Blackburn, PhD, B&B Consulting; and Kelli Erwin, EdD, Director of Learning, Learning.com

Bring the magic of Adobe Express and Canva into your classroom. Create engaging experiences that are sure to hook your students into the fun of learning! In this hands-on session, you'll learn how to use these tools to unlock your creativity and elevate your lessons with AI created images for visual engagement, infographics to support learning, animated videos for student led experiences, and more. Walk away with practical skills and fresh ideas to engage your students. You’ll leave inspired to weave a little magic into your teaching and have lesson plans and resources ready to go.

We Want to Hear from You: Writing Proposals & Presenting at Ed Tech Conferences (11/9/23)

Presenter: Texas Reardon, TxDLA President-Elect, Director of Distance and Digital Learning, Panola College

Have you ever wanted to submit to share your education technology knowledge and ideas at the TxDLA Conference, but just weren't sure what or how to do it? Join us for a session that will give you guidance and set you up for success. Hear from the TxDLA Conference Chair about when. what, how and why to submit a proposal (or more) to present at TxDLA 2024. Learn some best practice tips for writing your proposal and for presenting at the in person and virtual conference.

Step Up and Lead with TxDLA! (11/10/23)

Presenters: Current TxDLA Board Members

Interested in a TxDLA board or committee position? Then join this special session to learn about available leadership roles and how to get involved. Discover open board and committee positions, nomination and election process, skills you need to lead, and how to put your name forward.

Reserve your spot now to take the first step in advancing your leadership journey.

Federal Disability Rights Law: What to Do Right Now & How to Prepare for Tomorrow's Challenges (6/12/24)

Presenters: Mary Lou Mobley Co-Lead, National Digital Accessibility Team, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education; Judith Risch, Title IX & Equity Access Services Special Advisor, Grand River Solutions; and Mary F. Rice, Associate Professor of Literacy, University of New Mexico

In this session, two of the nation’s leading experts will discuss your current responsibilities under Section 504 and Title II, as well as what to expect over the next few years.

The Crucial Role of Holistic Student Support for Diversity and Inclusion (5/8/24)

Presenter: Rebecca Wurm, VP of Revenue, Upswing

Today's institutions face challenges in fostering the strategic necessity of diversity and inclusion with limited resources, hybrid learning and diverse student needs. Explore how combining on-campus support, online resources, AI, and empathetic communication can create environments where every student feels valued and empowered.

Conference Sneak Peek (2/14/24)

Presenter: Texas Reardon, TxDLA President-Elect and Rhonda Blackburn, TxDLA CIO

Want to learn more about what will be presented at the TxDLA Conference? Join us to hear from the presenters themselves, giving you one-minute elevator pitches for their sessions!

Driving Accessibility (1/10/24)

Presenter: Lindsay Foster, Instructional Designer, Tarrant County College District

Your approach to accessibility: Are you backseat, hands-on, or "Jesus take the wheel"? We will apply the universal design process to six frequent problem areas, improving the online learning experience. Walk away with immediate ideas for you, your stakeholders, and your organization to implement universal design and drive accessibility.

Navigating the New Route: TX Distance Ed Policy Updates(12/13/23)

Presenter: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

The new distance ed rules are now in effect! Attend our timely webinar explaining Texas' revised regulations that higher ed institutions must comply with. We'll outline the new policies so you can navigate next steps for alignment. Join us and leave fully prepared to incorporate the new distance education path ahead.

Empowering Career Education in the Age of AI: Navigating Challenges and Collaboration (11/8/23)

Presenters: Tony Parachini, Senior Product Manager for Career Development, and Justin Rose, Senior Director, Product Management for Data and Analytics, Anthology

Technology is rapidly reshaping work. AI and other innovations require teaching adjustments to meet evolving student and employer expectations. Concurrently, faculty must adopt innovative approaches. We equip students with knowledge and skills for societal contributions and the workforce. Embracing Generative AI is vital amidst tech's impact. Yet vigilance against deception remains crucial. This webinar covers: Strategies to incorporate AI into teaching. Ethical challenges with new tech. Collaborating with industry experts.

Unlocking Opportunities: Leveraging CBE to Empower Alternative Pathways for Learning & Training (11/7/23)

Presenter: Rhonda Blackburn, PhD, Senior Director of Academic Services, Strut Learning

Dive deep into the world of Competency-Based Education (CBE) and its game-changing impact on traditional learning and training methods. We'll unveil the dynamic capabilities of CBE, offering a comprehensive understanding of how it can unlock diverse and unconventional educational routes. Explore how CBE caters to a wide range of learners, offering personalized, adaptable, and skill-centric approaches, leading to amplified career opportunities and personal growth. Whether you're an educator, student, or a professional looking for innovative ways to learn and train, this webinar is your ticket to invaluable insights on leveraging CBE's power for exceptional educational journeys.

Engage Me with Ed Tech (11/6/23)

Presenter: Kelli Erwin, Director of Education, Learning.com

There are many education technology tools that can be used for engagement, but how do you know why and when to use technology for engagement? Too many tools in your toolbox can be overwhelming and too few may result in repetition that doesn’t lead to engagement. Discover several digital tools for learning along with why and when to use them.

Supporting Faculty Professional Development (10/11/23)

Presenter: Danielle Burt, D2L

Support professional development for faculty and staff with next-gen tools to learn, develop and succeed. Specifically, discover how to organize faculty into learning groups and enable self-enrollment from a course catalog. Also, learn how to tie learning goals to assessments for credentials and release personalized online instruction. Finally, learn how to allow tracking growth via badges and certificates.

Break the Forgetting Cycle with Get More Math Ed Tech Tool (9/13/23)

Presenter: Josh Britton, Get More Math

By the end of the school year, students have already forgotten many of their hard-won math concepts. How can we break the forgetting cycle and make math stick? In this session, veteran math teacher Josh Britton will share his proven model for driving long-term retention through emphasis on the pedagogy of cumulative learning and use of Get More Math spiral review software.

Engagement Escalation: A Gameful Approach to Instructional Design (8/9/23)

Presenter: Valary Oleinik, Valary with a Why

Amid distractions, learners historically struggle with motivation and engagement, even in well-designed courses. Stresses of the changing world and workplace exacerbate this challenge. This session explores rethinking how we define and boost motivation and engagement. Specifically, it takes a research-backed, gameful approach to discover new ed tech tools and techniques for big results from small adjustments. Also, it dispels some gamification myths and explains how varied strategies affect different types of learners. Ultimately, the goal is helping each person become the hero in their own learning journey.

LEARN: A Purpose-Built Infrastructure for Discovery and Learning (7/12/23)

Join our webinar to explore LEARN's impact in Texas. As a vital connector to Internet2, LEARN empowers scholastic pursuits and fosters discovery. During this engaging session, we'll delve into LEARN's role as a convener of tech-driven scholastic and research communities. Explore the value of LEARN's shared network services, including network attack mitigation tools. Additionally, attendees, especially tech leaders, are encouraged to join the vibrant human network for knowledge sharing and best practices. This event is ideal for those interested in forging partnerships with LEARN to fulfill organizational missions.

Presenter: Austin Gamble, Member Engagement and Outreach Director, LEARN

Artificial Intelligence for Teaching & Learning (6.14.23)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we view education, and it can make learning more effective and engaging for students. Hear about how the various AI tools such as ChatGPT, Packback, Engageli and more can be applied in the classroom, and how they can be used to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Also, discover the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI in the learning environment. This is an important topic for all educators to explore today's innovative ed tech tools.

Dr. Brenda Quintanilla, Regional Manager, Innovative Instructional Technology and Learning Services Center for Learning Innovation, Houston Community College Systems; Dr. Chris Bigenho, Director of Virtual Learning Academy, Lewisville ISD; Dr. Ruthanne ‘Rudi’ Thompson, Associate VP, Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation, University of North Texas

Making Your Digital Learning Accessible to All Students and Parents – Including Those with Disabilities (5.10.23)

Do you have questions about digital accessibility? Then join to learn how to ensure your digital learning is accessible to all, including students and parents with disabilities. Judith Risch from the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights – and its National Digital Access Team - will walk you through how complaints of discrimination are resolved. Also, learn about the importance of adopting a cohesive institution-wide approach, and preview upcoming changes to the legal landscape. Whether you are a webmaster, an LMS vendor, or someone involved in online instruction, this is a “can’t miss” session to better understand how the government enforces disability rights laws in the digital space, and how you can ensure you are doing your part to comply.

Presenters: Raymond Rose - TxDLA Public Policy Chair, Digital Accessibility Team; Dr. Judith Risch - Co-Team Leader National Digital Accessibility Team, Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education; Dr. Mary Rice - Assistant Professor of Literacy, University of New Mexico
*Note: This session was not recorded at the request of the presenters.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Writers, Virtually (12.14.22)

Discover the American Writer’s Museum's (AWM) innovative Online Education Program. President Carey Cranston discusses program development, including teacher input. Gain insights from nationwide student and teacher feedback. Moreover, learn how the museum adapted during the pandemic. AWM stands out as the only national museum dedicated to American writers. Unique virtual field trips highlight immigrant, refugee, and diverse writers, delving into social issues.

Presenter: Carey Cranston, President, American Writers Museum

Live Well! (11.9.22)

As professionals, we learn to live and look the part, and juggle our personal and work life, like a Boss. But, do you ever feel like things on the inside are different? Maybe you are feeling drained, running on reserves, tired of the monotony of life, devoid of joy and wondering if this is ‘it’? If you can relate, then join me as we reconnect with ourselves and incorporate some simple wellness practices into life, so that the next time you are asked, ‘Do you love the life you live?’ it can be answered with an honest and resounding, ‘YES!’.

Presenter: Tanja Smiley

Online Safety: SMART from the Start as Digital Learners (10.12.22)



Join us for Cybersecurity Awareness month and learn ways to help your students (and you) to be SMART from the Start in digital ed tech environments. Whether your focus is K-12, higher ed or adult learners, cybersecurity awareness and online safety are critical to the online experience. Let's learn some tips and tricks for being SMART online.

Presenter: Kelli Erwin, EdD, Sr. Instructional Design Manager and Product Owner, Learning.com

Let's Get Competent (9.10.22)


What is Competency Based Education? Though it has been around for a while, many people still are unsure of what to do to implement it in an online, self-paced modality. Building a course and understanding what you need to do for student success and achievement is integral to the success of a CBE program. Join TxDLA and Dr. Rhonda Blackburn as we discuss the steps to develop and implement a CBE program, what you need to think about while doing this, and resources that are available to you.

Presented by Dr. Rhonda Blackburn, Senior Director at Strut Learning

Ed Tech Tools to Engage: A (Re)Vision of Using Education Technology in an Online Class (8.10.22)

In the dynamic education landscape of the past two years, the pandemic prompted emergency online teaching, evolving into a sustained shift to online, hybrid, and hyflex options in PK-12 and higher education. Now, technology plays a vital role, requiring educators to actively choose tools that enhance instruction, belonging, and community building.

Amidst these changes, one constant remains: the need for a framework to guide classroom technology integration. How do you select ed tech tools aligning with course outcomes, engaging students without overwhelming them? Join our discussion for insights into reasons for using ed tech and essential questions for decision-making. We'll provide perspectives for both K-12 and higher education, along with our top ed tech recommendations.

A Conversation with Michael Sorrell, President, Paul Quinn College (7.13.22)

Dr. Michael J. Sorrell is the longest-serving President in the 149-year history of Paul Quinn College. During his 14 years of leadership, Paul Quinn has become a nationally regarded institution for its efforts to remake higher education in order to serve the needs of under-resourced students and their communities.

Keep Students Engaged with RSVP: Relationships, Scaffolds, Value and Passion (6.8.22)

Students are more than the "seats" they fill in our classrooms. Hear ideas and learn new ways to use RSVP to build connections between you, your students and the teaching and learning experience. Download Slidedeck

Instructional Designer Burnout (5.11.22)

Who are instructional designers post-COVID-19? This webinar will discuss the role of instructional designers to strategize how to move forward efficiently in serving our institutions in a new world. Location, job tasks, and health are a few of the themes to be discussed in light of reenergizing and aligning the instructional designer role with the root of “why” we do what we do.

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Together Family (2.22.22)

It has been said that when it comes to learning design, development and implementation, we are each other's best resource. As part of TxDLA, we have found that to be true. Join us to learn more about how PK-12, Higher Ed, Industry and Government entities bridge the gap(s) by learning from and collaborating with each other. Get a jump start on the 2022 TxDLA Conference in Galveston.

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