New Regulations Require Health Services Web Page for Higher Ed

Health Services Web Page: Rex Peebles, Assistant Commissioner of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, sent a notification which states “House Bill (HB) 2895, requires Texas public community, technical and state colleges, universities, and health-related institutions to create a mental health services web page easily accessible from their main website by December 1, 2017.” Here is the summary from the bill website “House Bill 2895 amends the Education Code to require a general academic teaching institution, medical and dental unit, public junior college, public state college, or public technical institute that is required to create a web page dedicated to information regarding the mental health resources available to students at the institution to include all resources, regardless of whether those resources are provided by the institution, and to maintain a conspicuous link to that web page on the institution’s website home page.” Of course the website should also be fully accessible to those people with disabilities.